Approximately 70 minutes

Recommended for ages 13 and up!

BLUE LIKE JAZZ // LIVE Is a solo theatrical multimedia performance based on acclaimed post-modern author, Donald Miller's book. It is a personal, raw and humorous reflection on spirituality, God, and community. It is an honest and unexpected journey - a scrapbook of one man"s life.

The performance incorporates the use of video and motion graphics projected onto a 12"x7" video screen backdrop. It also features an original jazz music soundscape.

The purpose of Blue Like Jazz // Live, besides being an amazing theatrical experience, is to be a catalyst for drawing people into a deeper exploration of the soul and to foster community. Adaptation and performance by Jason Hildebrand Video and motion graphics designed by Storystream Creative Original jazz music soundscape designed by Paul Neufeld

* Blue Like Jazz // Live technical requirements PDF

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