BREAKING (starring Jason Hildebrand and Francine Locke)

A Gary Voelker film. Made in 168 hours for the 2011 168 Film Project. Nominated for 8 awards including Best Picture. Written and Directed by Gary Voelker. Produced by Gary Voelker and Paula Wood. Director of Photography: Ryan Patrick O'Hara.
Nominations (168 Film Awards)
Best Film
Best Screenplay (Gary Voelker)
Best Supporting Actress (Francine Locke)
Best Production Design (Jeff Spohn)
Best Makeup (Rachael Wagoner)
Best Sound Design (Alan Brentwood)
Best Editor (Alan Brentwood)
Best Scriptural Integration
I will tell them, "Come back, and I will cure you of your unfaithfulness." They will answer, "We will come back, because you are the LORD our God."
- Jeremiah 3:22

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Breaking - 168 Film Project