"Every time I have seen Jason at work, I have been amazed by his stunning ability to bring compelling stories to life. He takes the audience on a gripping journey through dynamic performances and participations---both in asking the big questions of life, and in drawing an audience into a sacred place of listening to God. We need more storytellers in our churches and culture, especially those who connect our personal story with the greatest story ever told. Jason Hildebrand does just that."
/ Dr. Leonard Sweet, futurist and best-selling author, The Gospel According to Starbucks & Soul Tsunami

"Jason’s performances are personal epiphanies. He evokes the story – whatever story he’s telling – with such vividness and realness, the wall between then and now, here and there, this and that, falls soundlessly but totally. He makes you live in the story. Every time I’ve seen him – and I never miss an opportunity – I come away moved and humbled, in deeper touch with both my own humanness and God’s goodness."
/ Mark Buchanan, best-selling author & speaker

"BLUE LIKE JAZZ // LIVE is a wildly new adaptation of the book. Jason makes it his own, not only re-imagining the book, but re-imagining stage performance. The result is a refreshing, entertaining and thought-provoking performance."
/ Donald Miller, best-selling author, Blue Like Jazz & A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

"THE PRODIGAL TRILOGY is...Evocative and profound. This portrayal of the parable will surely open minds and hearts to the power of divine love."
/ Michael Hryniuk, Director of Theosis Resouces

"Jason’s live performances have garnered acclaim around the world. His passion, depth and attention to detail as a performer have put him at the top of his field. His performances are often transcendent - leaving the audience deeply moved."
/ Cecil Stokes, Founder, Tent Makers Entertainment

"I have brought Jason to both my church and my theatre company with various projects. I cannot recommend him more highly. He is committed to excellence in storytelling and integrity as an artist and Christ-follower. He has challenged my audiences through tears and laughter and profoundly transformational art. I applaud and support any artist that pursues his calling and encourages others to do the same. I can't wait to get him on my stage again!"
/ Val Lieske, Director, Theatre Arts, Centre Street Church, Calgary, AB, Artistic Director, Fire Exit Theatre

"[Jason] is wonderfully gifted as an actor for he is able to portray not only the outward emotions of his character, but the inner motivation and character. He draws the audience into the scene, eliciting thought, feeling, and empathy. He does not offer just a break from the usual, but a deep and moving encounter with the message of the bible."
/ Franklin Pyles, Adjunct Professor, McMaster Divinity College

"In his performances [Mr. Hildebrand] truly captures the emotions and power of dramatic live theater. [His] performances during our events have been incredibly original and stand out in a sea of brilliant artists."
/ Mark Oestreicher, Founder, The Youth Cartel