We are in the business of creating a health system that is obsessively patient-centred. One that belongs to patients, is shaped by their experiences, and ultimately meets their needs. Jason has taught me how to truly understand the stories that residents and patients tell. He has helped me to better convey the message of those stories in a way that spurs people to action. Lasting results require purpose, hope and focus…and the power of understanding and conveying these very personal stories provides just that. Jason is a true genius when it comes to leadership development and communications. I highly recommend him to anyone leading transformational change…or, for that matter, anyone leading!

/Bruce Lauckner
 Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network!

I've been speaking professionally for many years when I was asked to talk to a group about my experience with the death of my husband. In preparing to speak I realized that this type of presentation was way out of my comfort zone and I needed help. Jason helped me to centre my breathe, stay in control emotionally and tell the story that was raw, honest and engaging. He was insightful, encouraging and professionally adept at focusing in on the areas that I needed help in the most. There were 300 in the audience, and you could have heard a pin drop. That day I received my first standing ovation. I credit Jason's help with making all the difference for me personally and professionally that day. I strongly recommend him to anyone wanting to take their speaking skills to a whole new place, for them and their audiences.

/Peggy Grall, The Change Coach

"I have had 20 years of annual encounters with coaching and leadership development for the business and communication aspects of my work. Jason has brought an entirely new dimension to this learning and I am delighted with the new windows to success he has opened for me. His work is deeply intuitive in areas of a leader’s public perception, persona, sincerity, and appearance. He is sensitive in breaking hard news about awareness a leader needs. He is funny, encouraging, and creative. I have been using his skills both individually and with our entire team and I highly recommend spending some time with Jason. Be open and honest with him, you won’t regret it."

/ Lorna Dueck, President/Executive Producer—Context with Lorna Dueck, Commentary Writer—The Globe and Mail

"Authenticity, alignment and balance are at the core of Jason's coaching approach. I have seen individuals quickly achieve breakthroughs in their ability to communicate thoughts and ideas after working with Jason for a short period of time. Valuable approaches are personalized to how best the coachee learns and thinks, making them effective not just in the world of business. Jason's unique insights into human behaviour coupled with his deep passion for individual growth, allow him to be one of the most effective communication coaches I know. "
/ Ernie (Erminia) Johannson, Senior Financial Services Executive

“Jason showed how much of a difference breathing and posturing can make when speaking to a group. It was interesting to see the before and after in our members. He did a great job of showing how subtle differences and a little fine tuning can go a long way.”
/ Workshop participant

"It was like therapy for the soul. It was deep, yet bringing us back to who we should be on the first layer."
/ Workshop participant